Message Stick Project team on The First Inventors

Australian Message Stick Project team members appeared on the groundbreaking four-part documentary series The First Inventors, simulcast by NITV (SBS) and Network 10. The relevant excerpt is below:

NITV has claimed that it is their most successful original commission ever. It has been rebroadcast on Apple TV, and on BBC Select (where it is titled The First Inventors: Investigating Ancient Australia)

The team appeared in episode 3 which aired on 29 June 2023 with a special live screening at the University of New England. The team had earlier attended a premiere for the event at the Australian Museum in Sydney with director Larissa Behrendt.

The episode title is A Connected Society:

“Vast communication networks, trade superhighways, and sophisticated kinship systems. How First Nations people built an extraordinarily connected society on this enormous and often inhospitable continent.”